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Other specific areas of expertise and practise include:

  • Muscle strengthening programmes
  • Sports Injuries rehabilitation
  • Gymnasium programmes
  • Hand therapy
  • Traction

Working closely with local Consultants, GPs and other health professionals, with many years of experience in the public and private sectors, we provide trauma and elective surgery, including orthopaedics and sport injuries.

Our aim is to restore the control of your body by providing a holistic approach through the treatment offered.

On your initial assessment, we will perform the necessary tests to provide you with a diagnosis and the treatment options that you need to consider. On agreeing your treatment programme we will then provide you with your treatment on the same appointment.

On each agreed follow up appointment, we will re-assess your clinical presentation and review and discuss your personal treatment pathway. This ensures that you are regularly informed of your condition throughout the service we provide, thus allowing you to maintain full control of your direction towards a healthier lifestyle.

We are providing this service to work with you on the road to recovery, the sooner the better!

We apply physical techniques to promote and restore physical, psychological and social well-being.

For long term back pain sufferers it may even be appropriate to initiate a back care muscle stabilisation programme with the possible use of gym balls and other equipment to facilitate better control.

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